Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lawrence Hall of Science, in brief

I visited the LHS last week.  There seems to be a lot of climate education information on their website, but on display in the museum itself, the only climate change education seems to be the one "global temperature change" dataset (of many others) on their "Science on a Sphere" display, whose issues I covered in the previous post. A lot more could be done here, to explain the science as well as ACC's recommended basics on policy solutions; and its effectiveness could be assessed in-house, through their educational assessment office.
(A very little more below.)

The building's been there since before the days of green construction; it's a concrete dome surrounded by concrete acreage,  blessed with a jaw-dropping Bay Area view. 

 (But there's no visible bike rack; which, given the institution's perch off Grizzly Peak Blvd, may just reveal sanity on the part of Berkeley bicyclists.  The buses do have a 2-bike rack though.)

(One off-topic p.s. - one other very cool exhibit was unlabelled and not working too well, but had a lot of potential, showing how airplanes fly; a tank of sorts, thin like an ant farm, contained a left-to-right moving fluid with particles that let you see the micro currents, and airfoil cross-sections that you could reposition via magnets on the outside of the glass.  So you could see the "air" moving faster over the curved top of the "wing", breaking up at the rear; and you could disrupt this flow by angling it too far upward.)

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